Klas Torstensson : In Grosser Sehnsucht, A cycle of songs

Lettres non expédiées, Camille Claudel
Árbol de la Esperanza, Frida Kahlo
Le dolci parole, Cristina di Svezia
In grosser Sehnsucht, Rosa Luxemburg
Océaniennes, Louise Michel
with Charlotte Riedijk, soprano

Recording location: Haarlem
Recording dates: January 16, 17 2007
Cobra Records 0018
released: 2007

charlotte riedijk osiris trio



This you tube broadcast contains parts of the theater version made in cooperation with OT theater Rotterdam:

charlotte riedijk osiris trio

Soprano Charlotte Riedijk in `In grosser Sehnsucht`

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Torstensson ,In Grosser Sehnsucht: Arbol de la Esperanza