"It is a rare and treasured experience for me to be in the concert hall and feel complete trust in the performers. The moment the Osiris Trio begins to play I let down my guard and feel invited to listen along with them to the wonders of the score. It is the feeling one gets when a close friend wants to share his or her love and enthusiasm for an experience with you: sincere, warm, utterly devoid of pretense. Their music-making has a freshness, openness and an intimacy that send me away from the performance knowing I have gotten to share in something urgent and immediate, to experience the piece in real time along with the players."
Mark Steinberg

"Het Osiris Trio sprankelt en schittert: in hun mooie spel, in hun artistieke overtuiging en in hun excellente keuze van repertoire. Bravi!"

"The Osiris Trio sparkles and shines: in their beautiful playing, in their artistic commitment and in their excellent choice of repertoire. Bravi!"
Henk Guittart